Want to take your purpose to the next level?

I can help you overcome self doubt and other limiting beliefs getting in the way of you reaching your potential and achieving your goals. I can guide you in consciously creating your ideal life and living with greater ease and joy. I can also be a resource to work through difficult situations and relationships, and can help you manage the ups and downs of discovering and fulfilling your purpose.

I have developed a process called Quantum Healing to help you rewire unconscious, unwanted patterns. It can take just one session to notice transformative change as compared to years of traditional therapy. What’s the difference? Therapy stays in the mind as people talk in detail about the problem. Whereas, all I need is a brief explanation of the context and then we go straight to the feeling in the body to discover where this energy was first created. Through a gentle visualization process, I have helped people overcome panic attacks, anger, anxiety, lack of motivation, and lack of confidence.

How does it work? We rewrite your story, gaining greater understanding of your past and how it has been unconsciously impacting your life. We rewire reactive patterns, creating a new state of being that you can have conscious choice over. We also dismantle long-held and rarely-questioned beliefs and fears holding you back, putting new ones in place that are in line with your dreams.

The only way I’m able to help you is because I have gone through this work myself. I know what it feels like to have lost my purpose, and in turn, my soul. I know what it feels like to be disconnected, depressed, angry, annoyed, judgmental, unmotivated, bored, insecure, confused, and shy. I know what it’s like to live with limiting beliefs and toxic patterns that hold you back from living with ease, joy, and prosperity.

As part of my healing, I spent years researching science and spirituality, going on silent meditation retreats, seeking out numerous healers and healing modalities from various traditions, learning Reiki, attending transformation workshops, doing shadow work, and studying human nature, institutions, consciousness, quantum physics, and the psychology and neuroscience of emotions.

Through a winding labyrinth of a journey, I began to awaken the deepest parts of myself. Along the way, I discovered specific techniques and tools that are efficient and effective, backed by neuroscience, and delve into the metaphysics of relationships. As I healed myself, I began to heal others, and along the way developed a process that has profoundly impacted people’s lives in positive ways.

I am now grateful to be able to use these modalities to help others so that we can all live fulfilling, connected, and purposeful lives. I want to help you unpack the layers so you can be your authentic self, and start living the life of your dreams!

To schedule a session or for more information, please contact me at (605) 390-2337 or

~Ashley Heacock

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